“I’ve worked with them on dozens of closings the past few years, and they always handle their business professionally.  I would definitely recommend them to homeowners and investors.”

Chris Beene – Escrow Officer – Firstitle & Abstract Services Inc

Reviews & Testimonials of Tulsa, OK Home Buyers

Are you thinking about selling your Oklahoma home? You must choose the right method to make the most of the sale. Working with a realtor may not be the best option for you. Instead, consider working with us. Reviews of Oklahoma Cash Home Buyer are consistently positive and highlight why our clients love us.

How Do I Choose the Best Cash Home Buyers in Tulsa, OK?

Choosing the right cash home buyers in Tulsa, OK, can feel challenging and stressful. What criteria do you use to compare your options? What is the right path for you? You’ll need to consider a few factors. We’ve outlined the major considerations below to help you make an informed decision.

  1. The process: What does the process entail? How many hoops do you need to jump through before the sale closes? With the right method, you can sell your house quickly without having to go through multiple showings, renovate the property, or worry about cleaning.
  1. The time: How long does the process take? Can the home buyer close in as little as a week? Or do you have to wait for months like with real estate agents? With real estate investors, you can sell your home in days and get on with your life.
  1. Reviews: Make sure to compare reviews of Tulsa home buyers in your research. Look for positive reviews from real clients that speak to the buyer’s process, commitment to the seller, and willingness to work with people in different situations. If your house needs repairs, see how the company deals with homes in less than perfect condition.
  1. Communication: You don’t want to work with a Tulsa home buyer that doesn’t communicate. That can leave you wondering where you stand in the process and dealing with unanswered questions. Make sure your buyer is committed to ongoing, open, direct communication.
  1. Keeps their promises: No one wants to work with a buyer that doesn’t follow through on their commitments. Read testimonials of home buyers in Tulsa, OK, to ensure that the ones you’re considering keep their promises.

Why Is Oklahoma Cash Home Buyer the Best?

Do you want to work with the best home buyer in the Tulsa area? At Oklahoma Cash Home Buyer, we’re proud to be considered one of the city’s best. But why do we consistently rank so high? Our success comes from the extra lengths we go to ensure that every seller is supported throughout the process.

If you’re comparing reviews of Tulsa home buyers, you’ll find that ours are consistently positive. Our clients appreciate our:

  • Dedication to communication throughout the entire process
  • Fast closings
  • Ability to pay cash for homes
  • Commitment to delivering as promised
  • Ability to work with homeowners in difficult situations

At Oklahoma Cash Home Buyer, we believe that you should be in charge of the entire process. We tailor everything around you, even letting you choose the closing date. After all, it’s your home.

We’re proud of our consistently positive reviews and the fact that so many of our clients recommend us to their friends, family, and coworkers who need to sell their Tulsa homes fast. Our cash offers and short closing times mean that our clients can get on with their lives with cash in hand. They can avoid spending months repairing and renovating their homes, only having to wait another 30 or 60 days for the deal to close.

Chris Beene“I’ve worked with them on dozens of closings the past few years, and they always handle their business professionally.  I would definitely recommend them to homeowners and investors.”

- Chris Beene – Escrow Officer – Firstitle & Abstract Services Inc

We Buy Homes Tulsa. Sell Your House Fast in Tulsa Oklahoma or Statewide. Contact us today & say I need to Sell My House Fast in Tulsa!My wife and I needed to sell my Oklahoma house fast after another company misled us and couldn’t close for over 90 days, and we ended up stuck paying two mortgages, and getting behind.  It was a much smoother process this time, and they even met with our banker with me, and delivered on exactly what they promised in a timely manner.  I would highly recommend contacting them if you need to sell your home fast, anywhere in Oklahoma.

- Christoph Lee, Muskogee, Okla.

Dan Underhill, Broken Arrow, OklaI needed to sell my second home after the tenants moved out, and left it needing a lot of repairs. They helped me save a lot of money by not having to do any repairs, and was able to close fast.

- Dan Underhill, Borken Arrow, Okla.

Dustin Seabolt, Tulsa, OklaI sold an investment property to them to free up some capital for another project after a contractor had ripped me off. They helped me out of a bad situation, and communicated with me throughout the process.”

- Dustin Seabolt, Tulsa, Okla.

Tim Taylor, BartlesvilleI was looking for a bigger fixer-upper home but didn’t have the cash to purchase, and they helped me by offering seller financing.

- Tim Taylor, Bartlesville

They were very easy to work with, made a fair offer within 24 hours based on the condition of our property, and kept us updated while waiting on title company to set up closing date.”

- Kennette Benton - Muskogee, Okla.

They delivered as promised when buying our house, and even went out of their way to clear up title issues from the previous owners who we had purchased the property from, and closed in a timely manner.”

- The Kerker Family, Pawhuska, Okla.

We were facing foreclosure when we contacted them. They were able to close within the two weeks, and save us from making our credit any worse than it already was.

- Anonymous, Norman, Okla.

They helped my fiancé and I get out of renting, by offering us the opportunity to buy a home with seller financing.

- Lila McIntyre, Blackwell, Okla.

I had an investment property I needed to move to free up some cash, even though it didn’t fit their buying portfolio, they helped me locate another buyer from their contacts.

- Rodney Sargent, Odessa, Texas.