Tim Taylor, Bartlesville

“I was looking for a bigger fixer-upper home but didn’t have the cash to purchase, and they helped me by offering seller financing.”

– Tim Taylor, Bartlesville

Frequently Asked Questions – Tulsa  Home Buyers

Do you have questions about selling your home? It’s a big decision, so it’s natural to have a few questions. We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions about selling houses to us in Tulsa, OK.

Will You List My Tulsa House on the MLS or Buy It?

We do not list your home because we are not real estate agents. Instead, we make you a fair cash offer based on your home’s market value. You’re free to accept or decline the offer. If you accept, we’ll pay cash for the home and close within seven days. With us, there’s no waiting for potential buyers, no showing your home to strangers, and no paying thousands of dollars in closing costs. It’s simple and fast and puts cash in your pocket.

Do You Pay Fair Prices for Properties in Tulsa, OK?

It’s natural to be worried that someone will come in and make a low-ball offer for your home. Unscrupulous home buyers are notorious for doing this and taking advantage of people who need to sell their homes fast. We’re not like that. We offer fair prices for every home we buy in Tulsa and the surrounding area. And you’re free to accept or reject our offer. We’ll make a reasonable offer on your home, and you don’t have to pay commissions, fees, or closing costs.

How Will You Determine the Price for My House in Tulsa, OK?

We have a transparent process for determining the offer we provide for homes. First, we consider its location. Next, we factor in the required repairs and assess the property’s overall condition. We then compare your house with other homes in the area. We aim to ensure that every homeowner receives a fair market offer for their most valuable asset.

Are There Any Fees or Commissions to Work with You to Sell My House in Tulsa, OK?

Here’s one thing that makes us stand out from our competitors: we never charge you additional fees. There are no hidden charges in the sales contract, and we don’t hit you with surcharges along the way. We believe in honesty and integrity, so the price we offer is the amount you get paid. In many cases, we will pay your closing costs, so you save even more money. We’ll even pay for all the repairs and renovations after you move out. We aim to make a fair offer and ensure you keep all the money.

How Are You Different from Real Estate Agents?

We differ from real estate agents in quite a few ways! For one, we don’t work with you to sell your home. We buy your home outright. With a real estate agent, you must get your home ready, hold open houses, and wait for someone to put in an offer. You also have to pay a significant commission when the home sells that comes off the top of your profits. Instead, we’re buyers. We’ll purchase your home as-is, and we never charge a commission.

Is There Any Obligation When I Submit My Information to Sell My House in Tulsa, OK?

When you submit your information, there is no obligation. You can walk away from the deal anytime, even once we make you a cash offer for the home. Provide us with some basic information, and we’ll start the process. We may call you for a few more pieces of information, but usually, the process takes very little time. It’s always your decision whether to move forward or not.

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