How to Safely Store Your Possession During a Home Sale in Broken Arrow

How to Safely Store Your Possession During a Home Sale in Broken Arrow

Are you looking forward to selling your house fast in Broken Arrow? Do you have immediate plans to relocate somewhere? While being preoccupied with the many aspects of your home sale, it’s easy to make mistakes with your valuable possessions during the sale. Here are five ways to secure your valuables during a home sale. 

1. Inventory Your Belongings

It’s not hard to lose track of your things during a move. To avoid this issue, make a detailed list of every item you own. Start with large items like appliances and list everything down to valuable rings. The small stuff like identification papers, licenses, and medicines should stay with you even if you get professional movers. Place them in a bag or box to keep them safe.

2. Get a Safety Locker or Portable Safe

If you aren’t moving all at once, don’t take precious articles, jewels, property, and bank papers to your new home immediately. Instead, store them in a bank locker until you are more settled into one house. You should also make a separate list of valuables you are storing and pictures of them for proof of ownership. In worst cases, if something is broken, lost, or stolen, you might need these for insurance purposes.

3. Keep Decor Minimal 

During open houses and buyer visits, remove extra items like photo frames, personal belongings, and too much decor. Keep the common spaces like the kitchen and living room clutter-free and minimalistic to highlight the spaciousness of your home. Keeping it simple can make your home more appealing, and you can ensure the safety of many of your belongings. If you like to sell your house fast in Broken Arrow without any risks, contact a cash home buyer in Broken Arrow.

4. Considering Your Labeling and Packing

You should pack fragile items together to prevent them from getting damaged in other boxes. When you label your boxes, don’t label them by the items inside. Although it may seem like a good way to stay organized, a box labeled “PlayStation” makes it tempting for someone to grab the box and run. Instead, marking the box “living room” or “bedroom” keeps your items organized with less risk of them being stolen. 

5. Security Devices Should Be Packed Last

Security systems are meant to keep your belongings safe, so pack them last. If any theft happens during the home sale or packing and loading, camera footage will help. 

Moving to your new home is easy if you have everything organized and are aware of some risks. Prepare for any mishaps in advance, such as theft or an accident during transit, and you will have a smoother move. 

If you would like to enjoy a stress-free home sale, contact Oklahoma Cash Home Buyer. We buy houses as-is in Broken Arrow. We can save you from the hassles of home staging and renovations. Call us today to learn more about the process.

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